5 Minute Family History Series: Upload a Picture via FamilySearch Memories (Desktop Instructions)

Very few things can bring us closer to our ancestors than viewing their old pictures.  As treasured memories, preserving them is paramount. One form of preservation is to save the photos online. There are several options for storage including social sharing sites like Facebook or Instagram, or online backup via DocBox or Mozy. Free sites such as Facebook may reduce the pixel size of your photos. online backup may cost money. Another option is FamilySearch Memories which offers free hosting and does not reduce or resize your pictures. You can upload pictures to FamilySearch via the desktop computer, your iPhone, or your Android phone. Instructions for a Windows desktop upload follow.

1) Go to https://www.familysearch.org/photos/ and click Add Memories:

2) Click the large green “+” in the center of the page:

3) Next check mark Use File Names as Titles (optional) and then click Choose Files:

4) Browse through your computer folders and click the desired picture, then click Open:

Now you can visually confirm that the picture is in your Memories Gallery

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